5 minutes ago you were a lonely person, in 5 minutes time you may be having a conversation with a special person that will change everything.


You know there are many Girls in the villages across Asia. From the Philippines to Thailand and China that want a penpal relationship so they can find a future Husband or friend, and have a chance for a better life. Here we introduce many of them to you so you can see they are very beautiful girls. They send us their application and pictures so they can find a nice penpal. The traditional values that offer 'love' and 'respect' to those that choose them for what they are, and respect for their 'Family and Friends'. We wish you the best of luck in your "Search for Love"!!


Busy days, long hours, years slipping by, the heart says yes but the mind says no.
Lets face it, your jobs work is never done. Isn't it time that you got out a bit more. See the other life. Do you really want to see another Christmas day alone, or at your brothers/sisters house.

Well there is a lot of action out there on the town, at the gym, at the beach, a country pub. But do you really want to put your heart on your sleeve and get yourself out there in the zoo, to be judged and have your traits and honour scrutinized by the few that you might get to strike up a conversation with.

With so much of our time taken with the drive to succeed in business, socailising is more at the business function or weekend bonding. Don't you think the 'team player' anectdote has been used a bit much? Count the couples around you that have found their partner in or associated with the company. Frightening isn't it. Is this where you are heading? Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Why are there so many of these work related relationships? Cause most like convenience and safety, Flirting without the abrubtness of rude rejection. But what if we cut from the herd? New, more vast pastures are there, more excitement, the exotic, the mixed, the culturally naive, the mature, the young, the smart and the dumb.
With asian dating agency and asian penpals, there are so many benefits. A penpal is a key to a door, probably the easiest door you'll ever get to walk through. It will open life itself to you. A new love , a new friend and a new understanding of some one elses needs and passions.


Meeting and having a relationship with a foreign girl for the most part is amazing. So much is new to you and them in each of your customs, and the differences in culture and
language is exciting. They have a different insight into things we have become accustomed to, and they can show us so much and teach us. Many foreign women exhibit a lot more patience in their dreams and aspirations than the 'must have now atitude' of the west.
To be apart of and share in a foreign culture is very exciting. Whether its Asian, Russian, Indian, African, South American or an Island culture, all have unique histories, and cultural beliefs. Different family structures and different ways of living from day to day to what the people in the west were raised in. Mixing with people in other lands adds so much to the experience of living. It can't be found in other ways. This is one of the main reasons why so many men date foreign ladies over western girls.



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