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Eating out in Thailand can be a fascinating trip on it's own. However there are some things that those from western countries should be aware of in Thai restaurants is that Thai people are very accommodating to visitors.Restaurants know that many foreigners can find it difficult, sometimes painful to eat spicy food so when they cater for them they have a tendency to calm the food down a little, sometimes to the point of blandness. To really experience eating out in Thailand you should ask for your food to be cooked "Thai Style", be prepared though for a hot and spicy meal.

Street food is everywhere in Thailand. Sometimes it can seem a bit scarce around the tourist areas, however a short walk to the areas where the locals lurk, in the residential streets, a myriad of street vendors and their cuisine usually can be found. Now the general rule for eating from a street food vendor is look for cleanliness, presentation and popularity. Make sure you see the food cooked in front of you and eat it while it's still hot. Don't take it back to the hotel to eat it tomorrow, food goes off very quickly in the heat of tropical asia. Bad food vendors generally don't last to long. The competetion is fierce here and in this country of so many delights and mysterious ingredients cooking and eating are more than sustenence, they are a form of devotion and taken very seriously.

Unfortunately the fast food kings have made their impact into Thailand's eating out culture. The western giants have made it easy to get the burger and doughnuts in most popular places throughout Thailand. It's one of the great mysteries why these processed food distributors can have so much popularity over the healthy traditional foods that have worked so perfectly over generations.

Of course eating out in Thailand is not only about Thai food and Thai restaurants. There are the foods of all countries springing up more and more. Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants are very popular. Coffee houses are also becoming common place. Black Canyon is a Thai coffee house chain. It serves a Thai cuisine as well as some western foods.

Eating out in Thailand is well valued. Especially to those from other countries. The street food vendors do fabulous things for so little money. Even the bigger restaurants prices are most resonable. Seafood can tend to be a little higher than other meals, but really the budget is in tact and the belly is full.


Thailands fabulous cuisine is famous all over the world. Thai restaurants are so popular they are springing up in just about every town on the globe where there is a restaurant trade. The sweet, spicy aromas with lime juice, coriander and lemon grass make the most discerning pallete, water in anticipation. Thai cuisine offers the best in dining . From the vegetarian delights of the Buddist run 'ráan aahäan angsawirat' chain through to the full gourmet dinners that you'll find in the major hotels. Thai chefs are well known to be meticulous and extremely talented in not only cooking your food but also in the art of presentation.


phrik khii nuu: A very hot small torpedo-shaped chilli.
náam plaa : Anchovie or shrimp paste (kà-pi) gives Thai food its salty taste.
laos and galanga root: A hot ginger taste. Substituted for ginger. Laos is the powder form and is more concentrated.
náam má-khäam: Tamarind juice.
khing: Ginger.
kà-thi: Coconut milk.
khâo jao: White rice.
khâo häwm mali: Jasmine-scented rice.
khâo niaw: Sticky rice.


To find a good cheap place to eat try the noodle shops, the curry rice shops and the night markets.

ráan küaytiaw: Noodle restaurants.
ráan khâo kaeng: Curry rice restaurants.
ta-làat toh rung: The night markets.

Thailand is affordable, from its affordable accomodation, affordable and superb national foods, unbelievable coastlines, bustling night life and the accomodating atittude and friendliness of its people. The Thais have a long and rich history, they have great spirit and guard their culture fiercely along with their independence


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