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Traditionally when sourcing superb wines Thailand wines have not featured high on the look for list, but with a new approach by local winemaking industries, borrowing tecnologies from France and Australia, Thai wines have found a new prominence in the market.


An example of Thai excellence is the Chateau de Loei label. The winery is situated in the Loei province at Phu Rua. Below is a list of their available wines, they are available in most Thailand hotels and clubs. They are also finding their way around the world. Thailands most successful wine maker, their wines were launched in 1996 and are now producing two crops a year and a half a million bottles annually. Exporting to Europe, America and japan.


Chenin Blanc. White.
Fresh, fruity, flavorful and finishes with a pleasant touch of sweetness.
Great as an aperitif, or serve with spicy Thai food, fish, seafood and chicken. Chenin Blanc. White Extra Dry.
Has a fresh and fragrant bouquet, fine, flavorful and dry.
Great served with Thai dishes with seafood. The dry flavour of this wine enhances the spiciness of a Thai seafood dish.Chenin Blanc. White Dessert Wine.
A rich sweet flavour of a late season harvest.
Great with a not too heavy desert dessert or skip the desert and just have the wine. RED WINES:Syrah. Red.
A deep fruity taste with fine soft tannins and a supple oak, a nice cherry fragrance.
Goes well with a slow cooked red meat dish, or a full tasting spicy Thai dish.Syrah. Red Reserve.
intense red colour, heaps of bold oak, but balanced with a full ripe berry fruit flavour and an agreeable mellow tannin finish. Drink on its own or with dishes that aren't too heavy on the spices.


Syrah, Rose.
Fresh and lively, a nice fruity flavour and a sweet clean fresh finish.
Agreeable with most foods, a good allrounder. Goes great with a delicate Thai dish.
More and more the drinking of wines are becoming popular in Thailand no thanks to the government. Unfortunately government tax is heavy on all alcahol. Imported wine cops a hefty 340% tax. Once this comes down then undoubtedly the popularity of wine will increase.


Another of Thailand's wineries is the winery Siam Winery. it's located in the area known as the floating vineyards. Near Samut Sakorn. The oldest viticultural area in Thailand and also the largest. The vines seperated by canals are harvested by boat. The grape varieties found here are Pok Dum and Malaga Blanc. They are used in the making of Thai white wines.Siam Winery is dedicated to making wines to accompany and complement spicy Thai food. With the popularity of thai food throughout the world, this venture should prove to very profitable.


Red wine grapes are grown in the hills of Pak Chong. Its climate is cooler and more suitable for the Shiraz and Colombard grapes and other internationally known grape varieties.


Monsoon Valley Red:– a dry red. Blended with Pok Dum, Syrah and Muscat grapes.
Fruity aroma with a touch of spice with the subtlety of oak.

Monsoon Valley Shiraz Special Reserve: – made on Shiraz grapes.
A full bodied, dark puple robe. Fragrant, spicy with the hint of cedar. An intense taste of rich plum. Nice smooth finish

.Monsoon Valley White:– a dry white.
Blended from Malaga Blanc and Colombard grapes. The colour is pale golden with green hue. The It has a estery, floral aroma, and is light , bright and delicate with clean citrus flavours and a refreshing acidity.

Monsoon Valley Rose: pinkish colour with a hint of orange.
A rich plum fruity aroma. Has a taste of watermelon mixed with a hint of mango and kiwi.
A light bodied, crisp and fresh, finishing delicately.


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