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Surfing spots in Thailand are mostly uncrowded.Thailands surf Can be fickle, and range from beginner level to intermediate level. If you are coming here make sure there is a short surfboard in your bag. The best Surfing in Thailand is done between the months of April through to october. Swells are generated in the Andaman Sea in the southwest monsoon season, heavy weather drives the waves into Phuket and surrounding islands creating some good surfing in Thailand is had. Some of Thailands surfing spots are best kept as a secret of course, for the adventurer, others are well known. Here are the better known places. Check them out while you are here, it'll keep you off the streets.


Kalim beach, Phuket beach break for Intermediate surfers. When other spots are closing out, check Kalim


Kata Yai Phuket beach break for Intermediate surfers

Kata Yai Beach Phuket beach break for Beginner surfers

Nai Harn Beach Phuket beach break for Beginner surfers

The Point, Patong Phuket pointbreak for Intermediate surfers

Kata noi Phuket island beach break for Intermediate surfers

Kata noi Beach Phuket Island beach break for Intermediate surfers

Hinsuay namsay rayong beach break for Beginner surfers

Mae Ram Phung Rayong beach break for Beginner surfers

Sai Kaow Trat beach break for Beginner surfers

Kamala:- point break, holds up to 10ft.


Sai Kaew :- holds up to 6ft

:- beach break holds up to 10 ft.

thailand-surfLaem Sing

Surfing in Thailand. is a not especially the destination you'd choose for a hard core surf adventure, but what it does have is the accesability to The Andaman islands, provided the surf tour you book with has the necessary forms and documents needed from the Indian authorities. In the coming years we'll find more charter boats basing themselves out of places like Phuket to travel to these offshore islands. Thailand is a great place to stay as you prepare yourself for that surf of a lifetime, and of course surfing in Thailand though not consistent has plenty of good waves on offer. So if you are a surfer, you'd be mad not to have a surfboard or two when you come here..Now it wouldn't be an adventure if i told you it all here, but there's plenty more surf in Thailand for more waves and surfing know how big wave surfing check it out.

Surfing euiptment needed is short boards only, a rash vest, sunscreen that's water resistant, of course boardshorts and thongs and sunglasses.The water is warm and clear with lots of coral so throw in your surfing booties. It's possible to hire surfboards on some of the beaches or at Kata town ctr. A good travelling surfer always has at least one board no matter what country they're travelling through. Thailands surfing is not a world class act but rest assured if you are here and Thailands surf is on you'll rue the day you decided to leave your surf board at home.That's it go surfing in Thailand. Surfing in Thailand is a great stopover on the way to surfing the Andaman islands. Thailand offers a rest from the boat trip and a great place just to pull a few waves. The few surf surfaris now heading out to surf the islands in the Andaman Sea leave from Thailand and Phuket In particular, So leave a bit of time to surf in Thailand, you wont be disapointed by the Thailand Surf.


There are by law only 5 beaches in Phuket that you are allowed to jet ski.These are Patong, Karon, Kata, Kamala or Bangtao. You risk a fine and or imprisonment if you take the chance of renting from what may seem a cheaper rate from an unlicensed operator. The jet ski itself must be licensed and displayed on both sides of the front or bow of the jet ski. You must also hold a "Second Class Helmsmen of Power Driven Sea-going Vessels documents". They are seldom checked but heaven help you if you are in an accident and you do not have the appropriate papers. Fines are up to 10,000 baht and or imprisonment. Failing having the correct documentation you are resigned to be a passenger on the back. Life vests must be worn and you can only use a jet ski if the seas are calm. You must also stay within 500 metres of the shoreline and keep the jet ski out of the swimming areas that are delineated by floats. Also be careful of surfers that are in the many surfing spots in Thailand. Make sure the price is set before you rent the jet ski, but if you have a problem call the Tourist police on 219-878. In case of an accident ring 1699 for emergency assist.

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