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There are a lot of reasons why men especially white men are dating or would like to date an asian women.
Some like to rescue the girl from a poverty trap and in return one gains loyalty and a respect that can be hard to find in the western society, with its divorce rates going through the roof. Other men find the attraction of dating asian women an experience into the orient. Lets face it sometimes we are a bit fed up at home and we can find the allure of an asian women exciting. The non age-ist attitude within reason is also is a huge attraction. Hence many divorcees or widows look towards some asian country for their future companionship.

As you can see the reason we feel attracted to an asian women can be diverse and can come down to simply some men find them more attractive. They are generally of slighter build, average weights around the 40- 50kg . In western society women over 20 years dream of this in their never ending battle of the bulge.


Do we really know why we find Asian Women attractive. Personally I like their flawless eyes, their slim figures, their thick black hair. Call it all superficial but if there is no initial physical attraction the relationship is already at a tough spot. I'd suggest when looking for Asian Women to date or an Asian Penpal then take your time. Don't make any rash promises to the girl. Many will take you on face value and a promise of looking after her might be taken seriously. Asian society have a less modern outlook on relationships than we do in the west and it is quite easy to promise a lot but on reflection we might see the difficulty and inconvenience of living up to our promises.


The asian culture is steeped in history and custom, so different from our own. Asian women from The Philippines though China and Indonesia have generally grown up in what we would look upon as an old fashioned way. Most work from the moment they can walk, rising early to help with the house-hold duties. It's a far cry from the children in our own society with their 'want want' atitude. The peer pressure placed on children in Asia hasn't yet reached the heights of the west.
Many asian women also observe a devotion to a religion. Generally they take it very seriously. This can manifest itself in the way they dress or prepare food. A small shrine in the garden where offerings are made to ancestors or Gods is common in a lot of asian countries. A lot of western men love this change and though they are not required convert their own religion, many gain benefit from its peaceful behaviour.




Asian Women are loyal. There is an old saying in The Philippines "when a filipina decides she loves you she will love you forever. She will stand by you, rich or poor and make the best of you both." Now of course there are failed marriages there as well as in our western countries, but the statistics are far lower than here. Why? It's not just because of loyalty, but it's a sense of committment and understanding that comes from a need to understand each other and the differences in upbringing. The fight for cultural acceptance is a fight that that will bond you, no matter what country you live in. There will be the racist comments that you'll have to deal with. The language barriers. The spite and glares of other women as you walk together. These things are like a glue if you are aware. Some people have a notion that Dating an Asian women is about dominance. This is a preposterous notion, probably manufactured by the narrow minded bigot that we all come across from time to time. We are quick to judge too often. On the contrary Asian women are powerful. The Philippines has already 2 lady Presidents and countless mayors and senators. In the home asian women generally look after the finances if the man is not good with money. They are out spoken and revel in the chance to speak their minds. Heaven help you if you are on the receiving end. But generally the man is the head of the household. There are many women in the west that wish their man was more of a man sometimes. Of course that doesn't mean dominance, it means a sharing of responsibility, and recognising the differences between man and women.

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